SYNLA Bathroom for Japanese home

SYNLA is a bathroom designed for Japanese homes to help you relax and enjoy a peaceful time. With a bathtub that allows you to feel relaxed while taking a warm shoulder bath, and dimmable lighting that allows you to change the intensity of the light according to your mood, SYNLA aims to be the ultimate relaxation space.

Since most of the homes in Japan are wooden, water leaks in the bathroom can cause a variety of problems. In addition, the climate in Japan is humid, so tiled bathrooms are likely to cause mold to grow. For these reasons, most Japanese homes are equipped with baths which are systematically assembled from pre-made components such as floors, walls, and bathtubs, and are highly waterproof and easy to clean.
System baths inevitably give a cheaper impression than tiled bathrooms, but SYNLA has paid thorough attention to the design and texture of the materials to create a high-quality atmosphere.

The bathtub is the result of repeated ergonomic research, aiming for a state that is closest to non-gravity with the least strain on the body. Warm water comes out from the shoulders, circulating inside the bathtub, and warms the body to the core. By seamlessly wrapping the component where the warm water comes out from the shoulders, we have achieved a shape that harmonizes with the atmosphere and is easy to clean.

システムバスルーム シンラ




Photo Credit: TOTO Ltd.